Meet the Characters!



Full name: Ella Rosa Perez

Age: 7

Ella is a cheerful, enthusiastic, sweet, and fun-loving little girl who adores her life and the people in it. Though she dreads school, she's an incredibly intelligent overachiever who revels in using her knowledge to do what other kids can't, like creating little gadgets and solving advanced differential equations. She hopes to become rich enough to buy everything she's ever wanted one day (preferably tomorrow).



Full name: Judith Elizabeth Simmons

Age: 7

Judy is Ella's partner-in-crime. Despite being highly neurotic and risk-averse, she wouldn't trade being a part of even the craziest of Ella's misadventures for the world. When she's not with Ella, she often immerses herself in her favorite books, whether they're long novels or short comic books. Born in San Antonio, Judy moved to Houston just before entering first grade and ended up in Ella's school where, against all odds, they quickly became each other's best (and only) friends.

Mom (Fran):

Full name: Francisca Maria Perez

Age: 37